Family-Owned Company.

Cow Comfort Ltd, also known as “Mayo Mats”, is an EVA matting company based in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Ireland. We specialise in all animal matting catering for cattle, horses and pigs.

Made in County Mayo
All of our products are manufactured in our factory in the heart of Belmullet town itself. The factory employs 30 full-time employees, who through their dedication and hard work, get the best product possible out into the market place. The production department works full time, 3 shifts, for 8-9 months of the year. The QA/QC department ensures every mixed batch is checked for the correct constituencies and that every manufactured mat is inspected before it is dispatched to the customer.
Cow Comfort Ltd deliver nationwide to the customer’s yard. We also export mats worldwide with the UK, Denmark, Japan and the US being our biggest markets.
Cow Comfort Ltd offer a range of cow cubicle mats, slat mats, lie-back mats, calf creep mats, horse stable mats, horse walker mats, trailer mats, anti-fatigue human mats, pig mats, dog mats etc. Cow Comfort Ltd come to the market place with a strong reputation for looking after the customers needs while also boasting the best value for money.

Cow Comfort Ltd continue to introduce new products as the customers needs change. Developing and improving existing products to further maximise product life span and value for money is an ongoing occurrence which we believe keeps us ahead of the rest of field in the matting industry.